The home of Super Walrus Games, Wobble Reviews, HamsterSpeak Magazine, and some really bizarre short stories with pictures.

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Wobble Reviews        Wobble Reviews


Wobble Reviews
Game and movie reviews and commentaries.

Super Walrus Games
Super Walrus Games download links and wiki.

An online magazine about games made using the OHRRPGCE engine.
Ran from March 2007 to July 2012.


A tale of pigs in space, told in seven parts.

Ask Surlaw
A mild mannered yellow fish hosts a house party full of degenerate mutants.

Senator Surlaw
The ugliest side of politics, in five parts.

Cardblorp & Beyond
Short-form clownery of various sorts.

3D Dot Game Heroes
Downloadable abominations for use in 3D Dot Game Heroes.