Thanksgiving Quest Edition
A Feature by Paul Harrington and Fenrir-Lunaris

Good evening gentlemen! Welcome back to Monsterology! I am your host, Horace Alfonse Montgomery.

Each month, I will do my best to travel to the far reaches of the OHR universe to educate you, my good readers, on what sort of horrible beasts lurk in the deep reaches of space. My mission is to observe without interfering with society, so unfortunately I can't ask the natives for information. But fear not! My observation skills are keen, and I promise to bring you the truth! I have sent my reports back to my colleague on Earth, who has done his best to illustrate these wonderful animals based on my information.

This month, we are taking a look at the world of Thanksgiving Quest, a world much like good old Earth, only full of wind and ghosts.

Mantis Ant:
This strange, colorful monster bears a great resemblance to Earth's legendary monster Gigan. It has two large, curved blades for arms that must make any activity that isn't murdering massively uncomfortable, tiny insectile eyes, and a large set of mandibles. It does not look like it belongs in this world. Perhaps it came from outer space? The Mantis Ant can burrow underground and disguise itself as an innocent rabbit. Ridiculous, you say? I agree! But nonetheless, this thing's got a weird growth on top of its skull that resembles a cute little bunny. If you don't look carefully, you'll be caught off guard and devoured!

The name of this creature seems to imply that it is a new type of bee. Certainly, it is yellow and black and flies around. They do not seem to have stingers, but do emit unintelligible buzzing sounds. They are large and round, and stick mostly to open, green pastures. Fairly harmless, but can be annoying.

Mr. Circle:
A living donut, blueberry in flavor. I know that it's against the rules, but... I did eat one of these. Don't look at me like that! A man has needs! I... I was so hungry... They have two small eyes, but I just thought they were sprinkles! I didn't know it was sentient until I'd taken my first bite and then it was too late.

The most boringly, yet misleadingly, named creature I've encountered in this world. They are likely called ghosts because they are semi-transparent and float in the air, but they are absolutely not supernatural. They are covered in filthy hair, and have far more in common with Earth's "dust bunnies" than with specters. They seem to have semi-solid cores which gather all manner of garbage. Their eyes do not imply intelligence.

Tarot Master:
Some sort of priestly creature. Tarot Masters wear long, elaborate purple robes, covered in golden ornaments. They have large, floppy ears and small beaks. They are possibly a cross between a donkey, a duck, and an ape. These guys seem to be at least a little be precognitive.

Doctor Shizuma:
A breed of long necked pig. It's nowhere near as handsome as yours truly. I'm not sure where the "doctor" part comes from, as none of them seem to be practicing physicians. On the contrary, they seem to enjoy causing bodily harm more than anything else. They fight using rockets and their long, powerful necks. Think of a primitive, quadropedic pig with the neck of a Brontosaurus and you've got the idea.

Card Captor Stacy:
I don't understand this name either. I assume this creature was named after the person who first discovered it. This is yet another long necked abomination, but unlike Shizumas they are not nearly as smooth and pretty. Stacies are covered in wrinkles and have enormous heads. They are gangly, and are for the most part human shaped. These monsters are enormously tall, some reaching hundreds of feet high, but can be taken down by clever warriors 1/100th of their size. It's like a homeless giant crossed with a peanut.

This world is populated largely by creatures with names that sound nothing like animals, plants, or anything else. The ones who discovered and named them must have been extremely self-centered. Or, perhaps, they were named in tribute, as a form of love letter, by some lonely scientist to his long-lost love. This is a world steeped in tragedy.

That's all for this month. Next month we will go in search of a cold, icy world in order to pay tribute to our great lord Santa Claus. See you then!