Gato Sucio: Special Edition
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A Review by Mr. 8bit

The Cardinal Sin that any joke game can commit is to overstay its welcome.  The player should be able to get in, have some laughs and get out without experiencing any sensations of boredom.  Of course there are exceptions to this rule.  Sometimes the boredom is part of the joke.  This is the case with Gato Sucio: Special Edition. The boredom is part of the joke but it doesn't last long enough to be truly irritating.  In other words: you get bored but not for long.

The words 'Special Edition' after the colon in Gato Sucio: Special Edition reveal that this game is a remake.  I never had the pleasure of playing the Regular Edition of the game so I can't really comment on how improved the game may be.  According to Surlaw, the bulk of the changes have to do with encounter rate, dialogue edits and upgraded music.  As far as these areas are concerned, everything is fine.  I never cringed or rolled my eyes when I was thrust into a random encounter.  All of the text was presented clearly and the music was awesome.

The game is divided into five different chapters.  There is a loose story present but it quickly descends into non-sequitur and general madness.  We start at the bottom of Loch Ness as Bob Surlaw searches for some food.  He finds a box that contains some color and decides to show it to his friend Salom who hates his guts.  A worm named Glob shows up and Bob tries to eat him but the three are suddenly attacked by Abobo, forcing them to band together in order to fight against their common enemy.  From there, the story jumps to the sewers, then to the moon, then to... a volcano, then to... I don't even know.  Along the way, The Sky Flyers (as the trio comes to be known) meet new friends and kill new enemies.  For the most part, these detours and leaps of logic are very amusing.  Battles are very quick and full of ridiculous enemies that have ridiculous attacks.  The battle backdrops are pretty hilarious in their own right, too.  

The character interactions and dialogue were very well written and sharp.  There were a few moments where I actually laughed out loud.  Most joke games don't bring much more than a chuckle out of me so I was impressed.  That's not to say that it was ALL good, though.  I think the game would have been much stronger without chapter four.  It really didn't connect with the rest of the story (not that the story was totally coherent to begin with, but still) and just sort of dragged the game out.  It was made clear that this was intentionally done but I feel the game would have been much stronger if this particular section was edited out.

Overall, I think this is one of the better joke games that I have played.  The jokes were funny, the music was great and the whole experience was satisfyingly surreal.  It does overstay its welcome a bit but not to an irritating degree and certainly not enough so for me to discourage anyone from playing it.  So go do so.  Play it, I mean.