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This Month's Articles

OHR News
The latest game releases, contest announcements, and information regarding the OHR engine.

Review: 8-Bit Contest 2010
Five merry stooges brawl over the five games of the 2010 8-Bit Contest.

 Review: Dragon Bustier
James Paige gives Shizuma's contest entry some much needed support.

 Review: Kana Learning
JSH strikes a blow at the dark heart of the edutainment industry.

Review: VocabMosaic
A review of a word game made during the writing of words about games.

Feature: 2010 8-Bit Contest Results
Find out which game receives this year's honor and title of King Mega Durk 2010.

Feature: Game Design Philosophy: James Paige
The first in a series of looks into the gray matter of the people behind OHR games. Who better to start with than the Not-Beef Man himself?

Feature: Game Design Philosophy Prompt
Once you're done reading that, read this. Also, someone make a game about this fish thing in the icon here.

Feature: OHR Icons: Reed
Only One in All gives us a look at Reed and the world of Bloodlust.

Feature: What a Yo Ghost?
A tribute to the brave Lord Fyroa. A walk down memory lane, and a walk with the Prophets.

Preview: Tales of the New World I
See how our brave heroes have changed over the years, and whether those slimes will still gaze into your soul.

Art: 8-Bit Sprite Pack
Free graphics from that guy with the hard to spell name! Who will be the first person to make a game out of them?

Art: Heroes and Monsters Collage
Superstars and hellbeasts spill out of the page in this action-packed warzone.

This month's contributors are Jeremy Bursey, FnrrfYgmSchnish, Joseph S Hall, Paul Harrington, Meatballsub, Only One in All, James Paige, Red Maverick Zero, Kingston C. Rockwell, Shizuma, Twin Hamster, and Mike Willis. Cover by Fenrir-Lunaris. Logo by Twin Hamster.

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