Long Necks
A Feature by Steinmetz Surlawmann

Bob Surlaw is an adventurous fish with a heart of the gold and the groundless stomach. It past stored the world of the bad crystals, of the bad way and from dangerous philosophy many marks! He's had lots bad nightmares also. Bob's neck grew, when it met and was spurred Dinosaur Tripartite group, in order to copy their kind.

Bob of the hamsters is a hamster, which is called Bob. It hangs out with a man, the Spam, throwing at the enemies to eat enjoys or in order to damage it. Bob is a celebrity! It was shot on with both cameras and rifles however always comes out on the top side. Its neck extended after standing a millionaire.

Mr. Triangle is red and has three sides. It exists well in two measures, or otherwise he would be Mr. Pyramid. It was referred in something main controversies in the years and large feet has. It won once a Reality show. It fights at present against vegetation. Its body grew into a neck, when it kept pushed in the eye.

Duck is a hero, who went on many adventures with strange Pastellfreunden, one, the MJ is called. In its newer years duck withdrew itself to the large city and stood for a detective. It took the life, is a little too serious and only with the enclosure was able his past it, applicable justice and brightens colors to find. After
the rescue, its neck grew the world.

The leader of the group of skirt and roll The Village People is called Police Leaders. It lives an exciting life fully the Disco and the justice, and is to its brothers much loyal. He is an expert in the automatism. Police Leader has a very strong hat! Its neck became long after a unfortunate accident at sea.

Fat frog is a long forgotten hero, that once shamed, by asking for money. Recently it had a comeback with a new manager, who helped it to manufacture a position in Hollywood. Fat Frog's career hasn't krächzte already! It was once a ball, but it attained a neck by cosmetic operation.

It is this time unknown to me, if Ken is a wolf a dog or a fox. It is known that he is a police officer. It enjoys the company of the robots and uses rifles in the fight. It gives eight that not too much eats. Can Ken compile the Drache Copy? The Hadoken? Its neck extended after it the Drache had been, which is punched by Ryu.

Lost in the desert, a walking Schwertfechter finds an efficient allied one; Older death! A strange and fascinating Magier, this skeleton is the lord of the dead ones. It steers life or death, but it can still die. Its neck extends with each apokalyptischen animal, which it kills and extends, by taking its own eddies.

Kyle is a space warrior. It fought many large fights and the star of a Timestream Saga is. Is it incompetent or is it a Captain Kirk? That is up to the player! How well can you lead its hand? How well can you extend its neck?

The largest king. Mud King is the lord of the mud and fights to warrior and witches and possesses a lock. It is larger than Bowser king and Dedede king. It is swollen beyond all acknowledgment and a fantastische crown sometimes carries! It has again no neck, but can its body by Kraft segment.

A dead monster and a dangerous diagram led many fighters to the world of Trailblazers. Kikraizer is such a hero! Its first name is dark. It is a shark fish, which I estimate! It is good at jumping on platforms and shooting monsters with rifles. Because of the high stages of chlorine in its local city puddle, Kikraizer's neck became an accident in the length.

"No Diggity" a song is by American R& B-group of Blackstreet, which mark Dr. Dre and Königin-Feder in their first, noted appearance. It reached #1 on the notice board hot 100 and #9 in Great Britain. It arranged at #91 on Rolling Stone and MTV: 100 largest bang song. It sold 1,6 million copies 1996 and won the Grammy Award 1998 for best R& B-achievement by a duo or a group with Vocals and became for best R& appointed; B-song. It arranged at #32 on VH1's largest song 100 of the ' 90s. 2010 the song with the new members with one rem-branch-talk instrumental geüberspielt.

In a world, in which everything is sad and bad, a hero can bark more louder than the remainder, and this hero is Dogero. Die Welt is exhausted! Or is it? Can it feel everyone and furiously form everything or spreads smells on a fire-hydrant to be? Its neck grows, so that it can see over high grass.

An intelligent man played once tennis. Then it fell into a puddle of the radioactive desodorierenden. It is now Power Stick Man, and it is super+strong! It fights bad men to store over the world and freshen those to smell. It carries a white Disco and by both sexes for its way is loved. Its neck extends, in order to hold on its head, which grew because of the irradiation.

Once, a lawn became gnomes material gnomes and jumped on platforms and fought to. Then the gnomes into an essay and received superrealm entered! Tim Tim powerful gnomes does not know delimitations. It stopped to store the world now he makes as much money of his caricature row there. Its manager is a spoon Weber. Therefore its neck is formed by the rope and can extend as desired.

A penguin called Monterey, which is lost in the area. He would like, home does not go however can its way to not head find! Meanwhile it gets used to friends and fights to hunter and damages children's television for many years. Which for dangerous penguin! Its neck never extends. Rather his body, it shrank is old.

A red Brontosaurus called Dinosaur Giant. They can ask you that, not a Brontosaurus always a long neck have? Giant was buried in the dirt on a distant planet. It is said that its neck was stolen of the hoodlum until it woke up. This sad, poor dinosaur! Now it resembles more exact a pig or a pig. Does someone have one to save neck? Haha! Send it immediately to the dinosaur giant!