Children of the OHR: The Eternal Dream
A Feature by Paul Harrington

One day Bob Surlaw was taking a bath in some eggwhite. He had a strange dream. What would happen if some of his buddies had children with some of his other buddies? What would they look like? What could these dreams MEAN?

"I wonder what it would look like if me and Super Walrus Man had a child together. Would it be as round as I? Would it still have a beard? And on top of that, what if I betrayed him and had a second child, this one with Gulob? Would he have a mouth?"

"The OHR holds many strange creatures. If I died or married Senor Death, what would that be like? If Bob the Hamster was ACTUALLY part Duck, and went out on the town wearing a Mr. Triangle costume, would anyone know it was him?"

"Scottie is a weird guy who doesn't play well with others, but he likes swords. That Kyle guy is a good swordsman. What would happen if they were combined in a transporter accident? I bet he'd STILL have worse fashion than me!"

"My two favorite superhero teams are Dinosaur Triple and the Village People. Imagine if you COMBINED them? Through years of genetic manipulation and legally complicated matrimony this might happen!"

"Now one day Slime King sneezed REALLY BAD and it hit Bob the Hamster and he had a baby and it looked like this. He needs corrective lenses."

"Samuel Kikraizer is actually the cousin of Samuel Ranchman so they can't have a child, but they can borrow each other's clothes and noses and also what if Tim-Tim was half sheep??"

"I like Powerstick Man but he's not very proactive. I like Dogero but he's too jaded. But... what if they liked EACH OTHER? In a few generations you can bet a nickle that they'd have the coolest kid on the block!"

"I hear a lot about this Cthulhu guy and Dr. Mu likes supernatural stuff, so if they dated I bet he'd find a way to fuse their DNA."

"Fat Frog is a Prophet from deep space, and Woo is half Q, and they actually ARE dating, and this is what their future child looks like, he was stolen as an infant and sent to Earth in the year 3000 and given a body."

"What a strange dream! Where would we be without dreams? What is your dream?"