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First Game Appearance Walthros
Average Size Indeterminate

A species that exists outside of normal time and space that is known to meddle in the affairs of other lifeforms. This species can take on any form, and lives for an indeterminate length of time. Little is known about the nature of these beings. They have emotions, and can develop fondness for organic lifeforms, but interactions with these creatures are extremely scarce.

There does appear to be some manner of structured society, as one member of this species, Woo, states that she is involved in observing and researching organic life, and another, Guinea Cow, says that he was given orders to observe and record the evolution of Walthros. The Adeianos do have a concept of age, as Woo is known to be young (relative to others of her species), but gender is likely a consequence of the forms taken when interacting with organic life rather than an intrinsic part of the species.



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