Blue Spirit

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Blue Spirit
First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Walthrosian Fish/Spirit
Type Villain


When the 1996 Sky Flyers comics begin, Bob Surlaw and Salom Lancoven are captured by the Blue Spirit. He shows off the Blue Crystal, one of five powerful artifacts left behind by an ancient civilization, and then releases Bob and promises to release Salom if Bob is able to retrieve another crystal.

The Blue Spirit is attempting to gather the crystals to enhance his own magical power. Once Bob brings him the Red Crystal, he convinces Bob and Salom to help him find the final three in order to prevent the Silver Spirit from using them himself to takeover the world. This plan just makes things easier for Silver, who steals them all at once and uses them to recreate the Sun Stone, an object with the power to reshape the world. Bob, through a stroke of luck, is able to destroy the Sun Stone before it can be used for evil.


The Blue Spirit is the most powerful of the Fish Lords, and is the first that Bob Surlaw encounters. When Bob meets this creature in Blue Shrine, the spirit forces him to take hold of the Blue Crystal, at which point Bob blacks out. This event begins his journey to find and destroy the rest of the crystals.

Unknown to Bob, the Blue Spirit resides within his crystal, watching closely as the other four crystals are gathered. When they are finally brought together, the Blue Spirit reveals himself and his intentions. The Blue Spirit is the true reincarnation of Bob Surlaw's ancient ancestor, who thousands of years in the past unleashed a terrible catastrophe that wiped out life on the planet. He defeats the Sky Flyers, absorbs the energy of the crystals, and leaves the planet for the moon, where he intends to build up enough energy to reshape reality as he sees fit.


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