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Bob Surlaw

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First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Walthrosian Fish
Type Hero

A Walthrosian Fish with big dreams and a big appetite. Bob's fashion of choice is a cape, and his favorite color is blue. He's a generally easy-going guy, and can sometimes let his gullibility get the best of him.



In April of 1992, the first Sky Flyers comic would be drawn, introducing Bob Surlaw, Salom Lancoven, and Gulob Spiral to the world. Bob first appears as a lovable doofus whose main interests are food and TV. In his first appearance, Bob discovers a box containing the colors blue and yellow, adding a dash of color to his black and white world. Shortly after, he teams up with Salom and Gulob to find more colors, and along the way finds a magic cape and dons the title Bob the Super Fish. Together, this crew forms the team Sky Flyers and does battle with a variety of deadly foes, including Harpoon, Slosh, and some sort of Elec Man/Wolverine hybrid. His name was originally Bob Ruslaw, but he changed it at some undisclosed time to be more fashionable.

The Sky Flyers comics were rebooted in 1996, moving Surlaw and friends from Scotland to a new planet, Walthros. The new Bob was significantly less goofy and more serious, and fought using a lightsaber instead of just biting his enemies like he tended to do in his original form. In the new stories, Bob and friends use an egg-shaped shuttle called Sky Flyer to travel the world in search of five spiritual crystals which are gathering a deadly energy. Together, they battle against the Fish Lords to restore balance to the Walthros.


Bob loses a bit of his sense of humor in this game, but more or less maintains his personality from the 1996 comics. The plot of this game follows the stories of these comics fairly closely, while changing the cast around a bit and adding a lot more characters. In the game, Bob is an archeologist with a love of exploration and a curiosity of the unknown. As in both series of comics, Salom Lancoven is his closest and oldest friend. Unlike the comics, Gulob plays a lesser role, and isn't introduced at all until mid-way through the game.

Bob is a jack-of-all-trades character in this game. He has decent attack strength, can cast strong healing spells, and can summon powerful monsters. He is the most useful character in the game, and has no real drawbacks.

Walthrus: Return of the Crystals

This game marries the plotline of the first Walthros game with the over the top dumbness found in the 1992 comics. Bob literally tells the player which direction to move him in after almost every major event in the game, and just barely avoids being the dumbest person in his world. This Bob cares more about food and fame than saving the world.

Gato Sucio

Continuing the weird mutation of the series, the story of Gato Sucio mirrors that of the 1992 comics, while its Bob Surlaw is lifted directly from Walthrus: ROTC. Once again, Bob seeks new worlds and new colors, though this time he doesn't really understand what's going on. This is the first game in which Bob's rivalry with Harpoon appears, and is the only game in which he uses the name Super Fish.

Surlaw Armageddon

Surlaw Armageddon acknowledges the convoluted multiverse of Surlaws that have formed over the years, and attempts to tell a coherent story in a world in which all versions of Surlaw exist in one dimension or another. The game begins after Bob has destroyed the Fish Lord crystals, but doesn't follow the exact plotline of either Walthros, Walthrus, or the comics. The premise of the game is that the actions of all the various Bobs across time and space has begun to decay the fabric of reality, and an outside observer, the Gray Man, prods Bob on a course to correct the damage he has caused.

Bob begins this game with the Crisis Sword he obtains in the original Walthros. In the ending of that game, we learn that Bob discards the sword after his final battle. The fact that he chose to keep it with him in this timeline suggests that something has changed. Though he still has his healing magic, Bob has lost the power to summon monsters.

Cool Guy Bob Surlaw

In this game, Bob attempts to regain his fame and fortune by getting a nose job. Players determine whether he takes things seriously, flies into a rage, or acts in a way that only Bob Surlaw himself could possibly find cool.

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