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First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Ape
Type Villain



Bojo first appeared in the Squish Mice comics in 1992/1993. He had no distinct personality and couldn't speak, and appeared to simply be a really large ape that was either angry at the Mice over their garish headquarters or was simply hungry. In the 1996 reboot, Bojo commands a fleet of ships and has declared war on Rodentia.


When Walthros begins, King Byant of the Ape Kingdom has recently died. News of his demise spreads all the way to Beta City, where people fear the ambitions of his son, Bojo. Relations between the apes and the Rodentian Mice had been strained for some time, but Byant had helped maintain a ceasefire between the two groups.

By the time Bob Surlaw and company reach the Rodentia continent in the later parts of the game, Bojo has begun to lead a conquest against the mice. Gulob Spiral and Salom Lancoven encounter Bojo and his army at Marmoreus and fight to defend the city. Salom and Gulob pursue Bojo and his top minister after the battle and are taken captive. They escape with assistance from Grape, who helps them fight their way out of prison.


  • Like the Squish Mice themselves, Bojo's appearance is based on a stuffed animal. This stuffed ape was the long time rival of the team of stuffed mice.
  • Before he was causing trouble in games, Bojo was the star of Dinosaurs in the City.


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