Chapter 4

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Chapter 4


Genre RPG
Release Date November 2006
Status Complete
Download Windows .ZIP



The events of this game take place six years after the third chapter of the 2006 Collaboration Contest. A warlord named Hyklos has initiated a state of martial law, and Martin, Nika, and Sydney, three heroes introduced in previous chapters, have spent the last six years fighting back against Hyklos' regime. When the game begins, Sidney has been captured, and Martin and Nika set out to infiltrate a prison to rescue him.


In 2006, TwinHamster announced a contest in which a series of games would be produced by various members of the community. Each participant was given a place in the chain, and would only be allowed to play the chapter previous to theirs. The result is an entertaining mix of both story and gameplay genres, covering everything from a swords and sorcery RPG to a platformer starring the Solid Snake knock-off that Martin became during Chapter 4. The previous chapter is a rather confusing story involving time travel, a magic school, and monsters made of eyes. The previous games aren't required playing to understand the events of Chapter 4.


The gameplay in Chapter 4 is a mixture of turn-based RPG and a stealth game. It's in the player's best interest to avoid getting too close to enemy NPCs, which initiates a battle. There are no rewards for fighting enemies, so survival is dependent on avoiding detection and conserving supplies. For the first part of the game, the player controls Martin as he attempts to infiltrate the prison. After succeeding, control switches to Nika as she investigates a laboratory in search of the gem that powers Sidney's magic. Once the gem is found, control switches back to Martin and his search for Sidney.

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