Dead Walthros

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Dead Walthros
First Game Appearance Walthros

A version of Walthros existing in an alternate dimension. After a battle with Dr.Mu in which the White Crystal is shattered, Bob Surlaw and Salom Lancoven end up in this world after falling through a tear in reality.

The versions of Bob, Salom, and Gulob Spiral native to this dimension chose to use the power of the Fish Lord crystals for world domination. The result is a planet that is deeply poisoned by the energy of the crystals. All who oppose these three were killed and most major cities were destroyed before Walthros's Bob and Salom arrive. The oceans here are a diseased purple, and support no life. Minimal plant life survives on the surface. An infection has swept the Wirr Continent, turning legions of Walthrosian Fish and Walthrosian Seals into zombie-like creatures. Bands of Ralz pirates also roam the wastelands.

Bob and Salom arrive in the final days of the dictatorship of their dark counterparts. The alternate Bob, Salom, and Gulob are all suffering from the very same poison that they have inflicted upon the planet.


  • The team of Bob, Salom, and Gulob on Dead Walthros goes by the name of Sky Flyers, named for the original comic in which these characters appear. The name is not used in Walthros to refer to the actual heroes, but is instead used as the name of the ship they use.
  • The appearances of Dead Walthros's Sky Flyers are based on the appearances of future versions of Bob, Salom, and Gulob that our heroes encounter in a 1992 Sky Flyers comic.


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