Dinosaur Evil

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Dinosaur Evil
First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Dinosaur/Machine
Type Villain


In the Dinosaur Triple comics, Dinosaur Evil is a purple mechanical dinosaur created by Dr. Mu to hunt and destroy the meddlesome heroes. Evil can fire lasers from his eyes and eventually betrays Dr. Mu to claim freedom.


Robotic Dinosaur Evils appear in The City on Dinosaur Island, likely created by Dr. Mu as part of his attempt to take control of the island. These robots are simple machines and are unable to communicate (CONFIRM THIS).

After a battle with Dr. Mu shatters the White Crystal, holes are torn in time and space and Dinosaur Triple is pulled into Mirror Walthros, where they encounter the Dinosaur Triad. A more advanced Dinosaur Evil appears as a member of this group, and is violent and aggressive. Mirror Walthros's Dr. Mu copied his mind into this machine before dying.


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