Dinosaur Gargantuan

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Dinosaur Gargantuan
First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Dinosaur
Type NPC

The biggest, bluest dinosaur ever known to exist on planet Walthros.


In the Dinosaur Triple comics, Dinosaur Gargantuan is a noisy nuisance due to his enormous size. In a chance encounter, he takes a taste of Dinosaur Triple, throwing Dinosaur Super into a rage. Dinosaur Triple sneaks into a mountainous cavern Gargantuan calls home and hits him with rocks. Their conflict is never really resolved.


After a battle with Dr. Mu shatters the White Crystal, holes are torn in time and space and Dinosaur Triple is pulled into Mirror Walthros, where they encounter the Dinosaur Triad. Dinosaur Gargantuan appears as the leader of this group, and is soft spoken and highly intelligent. Aside from his size and color, he has little in common with his comic counterpart. Gargantuan duels with Dinosaur Triple, and after conceding defeat gives them one of the White Crystal fragments necessary to return to their own Walthros.


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