Dinosaur Pointless

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Dinosaur Pointless
First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Dinosaur/Machine
Type Villain

A large green dinosaur whose eyes are, for some reason, located below his mouth.


In the Dinosaur Triple comics, Dinosaur Pointless is abducted by aliens hunting for life forms to experiment on. Pointless is tossed out of their UFO (which takes the shape of a giant hamburger) because of his defective appearance. After regaining consciousness, Pointless proceeds to tell the world about the aliens. Dinosaur Triple roughs him up to help hide the truth of what happened. Once everyone who has heard the story either no longer believes it or forgets about it, the aliens vanish from existence.


After a battle with Dr. Mu shatters the White Crystal, holes are torn in time and space and Dinosaur Triple is pulled into Mirror Walthros, where they encounter the Dinosaur Triad. Dinosaur Pointless appears as a member of this group, and speaks in a bombastic way similar to that of a radio advertising announcer. He does not mention aliens. This world's Dr. Mu uses Pointless to advertise his inventions.


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