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Dinosaur Super
First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Dinosaur
Type Hero



First introduced in 1996, in the Dinosaur Triple comics. One fateful day on Dinosaur Island, mad scientist Dr. Mu sent an assistant/intern/manbot to capture some dinosaurs for him to experiment on. Three brontosauruses were brought to Mu's lab, where he attempted to use machines to enhance their brain mass. Something goes wrong, causing their bodies to transform while their brains only improve slightly. One of these dinosaurs becomes Dinosaur Super, who somehow sprouts feathery white wings. Along with the other two dinosaurs, he is thrown out of Mu's lab and forms Dinosaur Triple to fight injustice and act like celebrities. He is considered the leader of the team and is quite rude and overconfident. He wears a black mask for no apparent reason.


The original Walthros game changes the relationship between Mu and Dinosaur Triple. In the game, he modifies Super Walrus Man rather than the dinosaurs, who fight against him to protect Dinosaur Island's citizens from his dangerous experiments.

Super is the most balanced of the dinosaurs, and has both decent physical attacks and magical attacks. He can also use a low-level healing spell. Dinosaur Super uses his innate magical ability to manipulate swords and other weapons that one would normally need fingers to hold.

Stinkmace: The Legend of Dinosaur Triple

The origin story found in the Dinosaur Triple comics is followed faithfully here.


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