Dinosaur Triad

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Dinosaur Triad
First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Dinosaur
Type Villains/NPCs

A trio that serves as an alternate version of Dinosaur Triple. The group consists of Dinosaurs Evil, Gargantuan and Pointless. Like Dinosaur Triple, these three protect Dinosaur Island from danger. The Dinosaur Triad does not exist on the normal Walthros, and is encountered by Dinosaur Triple after a battle with Dr. Mu shatters the White Crystal and opens gateways to other dimensions. Their world is likely the same Mirror Walthros encountered in Surlaw Armageddon, though the Crystal War that tore apart that world hadn't happened yet when we are introduced to these characters.

The leader of this team is Dinosaur Gargantuan, whose vacant expression betrays his deep mind.

While the members of this team all appear in the original Dinosaur Triple comics, Walthros is the first time that they work together as a team.



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