Dinosaur Triple

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Dinosaur Triple
First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Dinosaur
Type Hero

A team of heroic dinosaurs consisting of Dinosaur Giant, Dinosaur Micro, and Dinosaur Super. Dinosaur Super is the leader of this operation, Micro is the brains, and Giant is the brawn. They live on Dinosaur Island, where they are often found locked in battle with the fiendish Dr. Mu.



In the comics, the three heroic dinosaurs were given their powers through an experiment run by Dr. Mu, who then sought to destroy them when they proved to be less intelligent and obedient than expected. Mu would send Dinosaur Evil to destroy them. After defeating Mu, Dinosaur Triple went out in search of new crimes to solve and enemies to beat down. This origin story is retold in Stinkmace! The Legend of Dinosaur Triple.


In Walthros, Dinosaur Triple fights Dr. Mu to protect Dinosaur Island, but was not created by his experiments. As far as the game explains, Giant, Super, and Micro are simply three gifted dinosaurs with a strong sense of justice, love of food, and thirst for fame. They join Bob Surlaw on his quest after meeting him in White Shrine.



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