Dr. Mu

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Dr. Mu

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First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Human
Type Villain

Dr. Mu is a mad scientist with a passion for fashion and a love of dinosaurs. He is often found conducting science experiments on unwilling creatures, and is responsible for the creation of Dinosaur Triple. Dr. Mu's appearance and personality tend to change significantly from game to game, but he always appears as a troublemaker.



Dr. Mu's original appearance was in the Dinosaur Triple comics drawn in 1996. In these comics, he appears as a stick figure with a green head who uses his laboratory equipment to experiment on the brains and bodies of three dinosaurs. The result is the creation of Dinosaurs Giant, Super, and Micro. Mu wishes to use the dinosaurs for evil, but they're a bit too dumb to be useful. He casts them out and remains their rival for the rest of the series.


In Walthros, Dr. Mu is the creator of Super Walrus Man. Instead of creating Dinosaur Triple, he simply serves as their rival, fighting them on and off from his laboratory on Dinosaur Island. When Bob Surlaw and company encounter him, Mu is experimenting with the energy of the White Crystal. This encounter leads to a fight in which the crystal is shattered and a hole is left in time and space, leading to Mirror Walthros, Dead Walthros, and the Mad World. He plays a very similar role in Walthrus: Return of the Crystals. In these two games, Mu appears as a bald human with a white lab coat and green, artificial legs.

On Mirror Walthros, Mu was seen as a hero who fought to repel a force of off-world colonists using Dinosaur Triad. He transferred his mind into Dinosaur Evil before dying.

Stinkmace! The Legend of Dinosaur Triple

Stinkmace! The Legend of Dinosaur Triple depicts the origin story of Dinosaur Triple, and it is the only game which portrays Dr. Mu in the same manner as the original comics. Mu retains his green head and stick figure body, and uses his loyal Manbot to capture the dinosaurs.



This character appears in the following games which were not made by its original designer.

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