Dr. Pescado

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Dr. Pescado
First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Walthrosian Fish
Type NPC/Guest

A researcher living in Beta City who Bob Surlaw sometimes works for. Dr. Pescado is interested in ancient artifacts and the history of civilization on Walthros and maintains his own archive/research station while hiring younger adventurers like Bob to seek out and dig up new finds for him.

The story of Walthros begins with Bob entering the Blue Shrine, where he encounters a Fish Lord and obtains the Blue Crystal. Bob brings this crystal to Pescado, who realizes that the crystal possesses a dangerous energy and encourages Bob to seek out the four remaining crystals before they can fall into the wrong hands. Towards the end of the game, Dr. Pescado escorts Bob and company to the Gold Throne and is briefly a playable member of the party.


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