Gato Sucio: The Quest for Color

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Gato Sucio

Image:Drag 163.png

Genre Joke
Release Date April 2009
Status Complete
Download Windows .ZIP



This game contains foul language and suggestive images.


One day while looking for worms, super fish Bob Surlaw discovers something he's never seen before; color. Joining forces with Salom and Glob, Surlaw embarks on a journey to bring color to the black and white world of Walthros.


Gato Sucio was released for a Terrible Games Contest in July 2004. The game is a warped retelling of the original Sky Flyers comics, featuring characters more well known from Walthros. Several well known Walthros heroes such as Dinosaur Triple and Super Walrus Man are absent from this game, as they never appeared in the original comics. The game is a turn based RPG with no-strategy battles, which serve only as jokes. Players guide the heroes through five short episodes, each with its own story and cast. The episodes vary in quality, and only the first was well received.

Special Edition

In April 2009, a special edition of Gato Sucio was released, and the original version was removed from various OHR game hosting sites. Many changes were made to the game, some more significant than others. The most significant change was the random encounter rate, which was cut to about a third of its original rate, making progressing through the game far less tedious. The game's shrill MIDI style music was replaced with MP3s of Village People songs. Several jokes were re-written, including the details of Salom's resurrection in Episode 1 and the text of the internet forum Bob goes to for help.


  • Several of the enemies in the game are taken from the original Sky Flyers comics. Several others are sprites from a variety of NES games, including Mega Man, Double Dragon, and Godzilla.
  • One of the random enemies to encounter is Fat Frog, the titular hero from an older, notorious OHR game.
  • One of the battle backdrops contains a screenshot of a custom menu and status screen from an attempted remake of Walthros.
  • Bob consults OHR community site Castle Paradox for advice on how to progress through the game. His internet posts are received poorly.
  • Dark Blade, who would later appear in Walthros as Sombra, is the titular hero of another series of comics drawn shortly after the original Sky Flyers adventures. In his comics, he befriended Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • The use of Village People music in the special edition re-release directly led to the development of Village People: The Videogame.


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