Ghost's Towns

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Ghost's Towns

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Genre Puzzle
Release Date April 5th 2015
Status Complete
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You awaken in a mysterious town with no identity, no bearings, and an alien body. Ten trials await; complete the trials and find a truth.


Ghost's Towns is a surreal puzzle game set in a world of sad monsters and suspicious strangers. Players complete objectives around town to earn tokens which can be used to activate machines to peer into another world.

The world of Ghost's Towns is inhabited by both new and old faces, featuring cameos from Super Walrus Games titles of the past, including many unreleased games. The idea of the Tower of Truth comes from an unreleased portion of Surlaw Armageddon that was to serve as that game's final chapter. The town functions as a sort of graveyard of ideas, but knowledge of these other games is unimportant to the story.

Ghostly Secret: How the R key to run. Some areas forbid running.

Change Log


  • Minor graphic alterations.
  • Minor dialogue edits for clarity.
  • Swapped position of Dead Lands and Crystal Shop.
  • New content for Neighsayer: His dialogue now changes after the third, fifth, and seventh floor Tower of Truth events have been viewed.
  • New NPC added that hints at this information.
  • Shortcut added after viewing events three and seven.
  • Enabled run button to function in more locations than previously allowed.


Composed by Glock & Mr. 8bit. Stream/Download Here

1. Ghost Town 02:57

2. Quiet Ghosts 02:36

3. Ghost's Jazz 03:02

4. Screaming Ghosts 02:42

5. Clown Makeup 02:42

6. Monochrome 03:21

7. Dead Lands 03:01

8. Ghost Drums 02:57

9. Grew Some Seen 03:18

10. Oxidized Metal 00:21

Other Content

Blind Run by Zippywings - A test/first time play of the complete game. Contains spoilers for everything, so watch at your own discretion!

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