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First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Rodentian Mouse
Type Hero



Grape first appeared in the Squish Mice comics in 1992/1993. He served as the team's inventor, building devices to help his crew overcome deadly foes such as the ape king, Bojo. In the 1996 reboot, Grape commands a squadron of fighter planes against Bojo's army.


Grape was known as a peacemaker who worked to broker an agreement between the apes and mice of Rodentia. Gulob Spiral and Salom Lancoven visit Marmoreus Colony in hope of convincing Grape to help them enter the Silver Shrine. As it turns out, Grape has recently been taken prisoner by Bojo's army while trying to negotiate a ceasefire. Shortly after Salom and Gulob arrive, the colony is attacked by Bojo and his army. During their pursuit of the king of the apes, Salom and Gulob are also captured and sent to Bojo's underground mobile command center. Grape escapes from his own prison cell and releases Salom and Gulob. Grape agrees to help break the seal on Silver Shrine once Bojo is defeated.


  • Like all members of the Squish Mice, Grape's appearance is based on a stuffed animal.


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