Gray Man

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Gray Man
First Game Appearance Surlaw Armageddon
Species Adeianos
Type NPC

Gray Man is an energy-being known as Adeianos, a species that exists outside of normal time and space that is known to meddle in the affairs of other lifeforms. The history of Gray Man is unknown, but he has taken a fascination in the people of Walthros, Bob Surlaw in particular, observing them across the expanse time and of many different dimensions. The concept of Gray Man is a mixture of Star Trek: The Next Generation's Q and The Dark Tower's Man in Black.

Surlaw Armageddon

Bob Surlaw meets Gray Man in the ruins of Boston early in Surlaw Armageddon. Gray Man tells him that the actions of numerous Bob Surlaws of alternate dimensions had begun to cause reality to decay, and that Surlaw would have to undergo a journey to repair, or at least slow, this decay. His full objectives are unknown, and he acts as neither friend nor foe.


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