Green Squadron

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Green Squadron
First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Dunzain Worm
Type NPC/Guests

A team of Dunzain Worms that serve as the protectors of Dunzai City.



Green Squadron first appears in the 1996 Sky Flyers comics. In these comics, the Dunzai continent has been conquered by the Ralz. Three years prior to the events of the comics, Gulob Spiral is accused of betraying Dunzai and is exiled from the city. He returns along with Bob Surlaw and Salom Lancoven when he discovers that the Ralz are intent on furthering their global conquest. After misunderstandings are resolved, Gulob rejoins his old friend Yomagar, captain of Green Squadron, and leads an attack on Ralz headquarters.


When the events of Walthros begin, Yomagar is the captain of Green Squadron, with Surlakaam and Sologar serving as his closest officers.

At some time in the previous year, the mayor of Dunzai City unofficially turned control of the city's politics and infrastructure over to Green Squadron due to their immense popularity and his own growing lack of concern with the city's functions. Gulob Spiral, Green Squadron's captain at that time, disagreed with this proposal, and was as a result stripped of his rank as captain, leading to Yomogar's promotion. Gulob then resigned from Green Squadron entirely and left Dunzai City until Bob Surlaw convinced him to return and help fight a possible Ralz invasion.



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