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First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Bird Thing
Type Hero

Gru is the leader of a tribe of Bird Things, penguin-like creatures whose true name is unpronounceable to creatures of other species. He commands a great deal of respect from his followers, and embraces new cultures and technologies.


Gru first appears in the Bird Things one-shot comic, and later in the Penguingo one-shot. In these comics, Gru serves aboard a vessel on the planet Pingopolis. The ship's goal is to leave the icy continent that the Bird Things call home in search of a less harsh environment. Along the way, the vessel's commander becomes power hungry, going so far as to take the name King. Gru and other members of the crew mutiny. The ship arrives at its destination, but its crew has broken into two factions, one supporting Gru, and one supporting King. The two groups establish rival colonies in this new land.


Gru's backstory in Walthros follows the same basics as his story in the comics, with the major difference being that the Bird Things had built an interplanetary ship, rather than an intercontinental one, in their search for a new home. Gru asks Bob Surlaw for help in defeating King in a fighting tournament. If the player wins this battle, Gru joins the party permanently. He fights by commanding squadrons of Bird Things which stampede the enemy.


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