Guinea Cow

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Guinea Cow
First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Adeianos
Type Hero

An ancient creature of indeterminate age and origin that appears to be a huge, cow-spotted guinea pig, but is most likely an Adeianos. The Guinea Cow lives on the moon that orbits Walthros, and is the oldest living resident of either world.


Bob Surlaw encounters the Guinea Cow on his hunt for the Blue Spirit. The Guinea Cow tells Bob about the origins of life on planet Walthros, and implies that he is tens of thousands of years old. He observes Bob and company during the events of Walthros, but cannot interfere until Bob comes to him. The Guinea Cow's observation of planet Walthros was a mission given to him by his people's leaders. The complete history of the moon's colony was observed by the Guinea Cow, who relays a summary of this information to Bob.


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