Gulob Spiral

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Gulob Spiral


First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Dunzain Worm
Type Hero

A Dunzain Worm with a deep intellect and a taste for invention.



Gulob appears in the very first Sky Flyers comic, along with Bob Surlaw and Salom Lancoven. His first interaction with Bob is when the ever hungry fish attempts to eat him before being distracted by his quest for color. For some reason Gulob sticks around and joins Bob and Salom, and finds a powerful rocket pack in the same box that Bob gets his cape and Salom gets his wings from.

In the 1996 reboot, Gulob's pack would be a standard tool of his species rather than something unique to him. His pack allows him to fly and to fire lasers and missiles. In this timeline, Gulob rescues Bob near Red Shrine and helps him defeat the Fish Lord there.

Originally, this character was named Glob Spril. His name was changed to sound slightly less gross.


When the events of Walthros begin, Gulob has recently resigned from Green Squadron, a military force in Dunzai City, over a difference in politics. Gulob joins forces with Bob to protect Dunzai City from a Ralz invasion.

Gulob's pack is his primary means of attack. It has a number of built in weapons and can be expanded by using data chips that can be found or purchased.

Walthrus: Return of the Crystals

Gulob appears in Walthrus as a hero with no personality. His main gimmick is pointing out how dull he is at any given moment, and accomplishing nothing. He would be a dead weight upon the party if any of the enemies in the game actually posed a threat.

Surlaw Armageddon

Gulob's big scene in Surlaw Armageddon can only be seen in the oldest demo releases of the game and has since been cut from recent versions. In a flashback, Bob Surlaw recalls the destruction of Dunzai City due to Gulob's negligence. Gulob attempts to build a shark-like robot based on Lux to help out with chores and help him get rich, but due to his incompetence the robot goes berserk and annihilates the city. The scene was written in a very jokey manner that fit with the dialogue of Walthrus, but did not fit the tone of this game. This scene is referenced by Bob Surlaw in Super Walrus Chef: War of the Food.


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