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First Game Appearance Gato Sucio: The Quest for Color
Species Machine
Type NPC

A large, living weapon whose body and head are made in the shape of a harpoon. This monster also has harpoons for hands. Perhaps surprisingly, he does NOT have harpoons for feet.



Harpoon is the Sky Flyers' original nemesis. He impedes their quest for color, beats them down regularly, and is known as a global trouble-maker. He lives in a massive mansion/cave called Harpoon House, where he dares adventurous heroes to come and try to stop his evil schemes. No one really knows what his schemes are or what he wants, aside from beating people up and possibly getting rich. He is even known to interrupt vacationing heroes just to be a jerk.

Gato Sucio

In Gato Sucio, Harpoon allegedly captures Bob Surlaw and Gulob Spiral, leaving it up to Salom Lancoven to rescue them towards the end of the game's first episode. This incarnation of Harpoon is barely sentient and barely able to function. Like his comic counterpart, he lives in a large, garish mansion/cave.

Cool Guy Bob Surlaw

This is the first game in which Harpoon serves as the main villain. Out of jealousy/disgust with Bob's new nose job, Harpoon kidnaps Salom in order to lure Bob to his lair.


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