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Horse Game


Genre Puzzle
Release Date March 2010
Status Complete
Manual .TXT
Mobile Android (Free)
Windows (Installer) .EXE
Windows (ZIP) .ZIP
Mac OS X .GZ
Linux .DEB


A Word from the Narrator

"In this game you must find the horse. Hello! I am your host. I am Surlaw. I watch you as you play the Horse Game and make sure you do not get out of control. Control is the most important part of the plan. Control and obedience.

You will explore mazes and solve puzzles in pursuit of a wonderful horse. Can you find the horse?? Time will tell.

The game automatically saves your progress at the start of each level. If you are weak and tired, and can quit and come back later. If your situation becomes impossible, press that horrible ESC. key on your keyboard and select Retry.

Use the arrow keys to move your body to the groovy beat. Press the Enter key to connect with your fellow prisoners."


Horse Game was released for and won the 2010 OHR 8-Bit Contest. Following the rules of this contest, each graphic in the game consists of a maximum of three colors. Players are bombarded by an angry, oppressive narrator as they attempt to solve six puzzle-based stages. The puzzles range from an extremely simple maze to more outside-the-box logic puzzles. The game lasts around 10-15 minutes, and has a complete ending sequence. A sequel/expansion with further levels is set for release in the future, but for now, this game is complete.


  • In the first room of the game, the player controls a creature that looks like Sonic the Hedgehog's Dr. Robotnik. The other characters that appear in the game's stages are Bob Surlaw of Walthros, a Yo Ghost, Street Fighter's Zangief, a Ferengi, and Mr. Pepper.
  • From the game's pause menu, the player can access a "Neigh" button that does exactly what it says.
  • The narrator is named Surlaw, but bears no resemblance to either Bob Surlaw or the game's author, who uses this name online. The narrator has a dog named Fred who he sometimes addresses during the game.
  • There a total of 56 taunts that the narrator will choose from randomly as the player tries to solve the game's puzzles.


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