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First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Rodentian Mouse
Type Hero



Ketchup first appeared in the Squish Mice comics in 1992/1993. He served as the team's leader, bringing together a team of mice from different parts of the world to fight together for justice. In the 1996 reboot, Ketchup is thrown in prison by Whalington after building a box-shaped flying machine and later leads a resistance movement against this king, who has become a tyrant after being infected by an energy-based being.


Bob Surlaw meets Ketchup while visiting Red City in search of the Rodentian Mice who can help him gain entry to Silver Shrine. He encounters a city on the edge of civil war. Its current ruler, a large red mouse named Whalington, has recently arrested Char, chief strategiest of the resistance and Ketchup's father. Ketchup convinces Bob, against his better judgment, to help him rescue his mentor and bring down Whalington. Bob is reluctant to get involved in such an internal matter, but agrees in exchange for Ketchup's aid in getting into Red Shrine. The end of the game implies that the overthrowing of Whalington does not result in a more peaceful Red City.


  • Like all members of the Squish Mice, Ketchup's appearance is based on a stuffed animal.


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