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First Game Appearance Surlaw Armageddon
Species Human
Type Hero

An old man that Bob Surlaw encounters after crossing into Boston in the year 1992 in Surlaw Armageddon. In this dimension, the city, and possibly the rest of the United States, suffered a series of natural disasters following the invasion of monsters from another world. These monsters collect humans for use in the creation of Hybridmen.

When Bob meets Lanni, he is hiding in the Crystal Transport bus that he used to drive before the catastrophe. He has survived against all odds using whatever weapons he could find (He uses a pool cue when he first joins Bob's journey) and by using elemental magic skills that began to grow in him after the invasion. Lanni is a mellow man with a love of nature who has had to adapt to survive, and joins Bob's quest as a means of escaping his own dead city.


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