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First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Machine
Type Hero

An artificial lifeform built by the people living in the colony on the moon that orbits Walthros. Lux was formed in the image of a shark and developed a highly dangerous personality.



Lux appears in several comics as a friend of Sombra. In the comics, Lux is noble and soft spoken, while Sombra is violent and unpredictable. This would be reversed in Walthros.


Long before the events of Walthros, Lux was built by the people of the lunar colony. He was designed as a weapon that could function in any environment, but his artificial intelligence developed quickly, causing him to become disobedient. Lux's violent temper was one of the factors that led to the fall of the colony. He was defeated by Sombra and Guinea Cow and the main source of his power was removed.

Lux can be revived and recruited into the party within an optional dungeon on the moon. After finding him, Sombra interfaces with Lux's memory and attempts to tame his violent tendencies. Lux has an attack which if used in battle kills all heroes and enemies on the screen.


Lux appears in the first release of Surlaw Armageddon as an experiment designed by Gulob Spiral. He is created to make Gulob's life easier, but goes haywire and destroys Dunzai City. These scene has been cut from the current version of the game.


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