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Super Walrus Games are a series of downloadable games designed by Paul Harrington, often featuring music by Glock & Mr8bit.


  • 3/21/17 - Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy We've been successfully Greenlit! Fighto Fantasy will be sold on Steam and on Amazon some time this year.
  • 9/15/16 - C. Kane Version 2.2 is now available on Steam. Minor update.
  • 3/13/16 - Ghost's Towns updated with some minor edits, a new NPC, and some new dialogue.
  • 1/26/16 - C. Kane Version 2.0 is now available on Steam.
  • 1/22/16 - C. Kane Version 2.0 complete. Will be available on Google Play and Steam soon.
  • 4/15/15 - Ghost's Towns port for Android complete.
  • 4/10/15 - Ghost's Towns updated with some minor bugfixes, some color changes, and some new town NPCs.
  • 4/5/15 - Ghost's Towns released.
  • 11/7/14 - Page added for Monster Lot.
  • 10/11/13 - Walthros updated - Mac and Linux ports added, music updated from MIDI to higher quality OGGs. Several text boxes updated for spelling/grammar/clarity in preparation for Android port.
  • 9/30/13 - Horse Game updated - Mac, Linux, and Android ports added. Ending music changed.
  • 9/23/13 - C. Kane port for Android released on Google Play.
  • 9/16/13 - C. Kane released.
  • 9/14/13 - C. Kane Page and manual posted, release imminent.
  • 5/13/13 - Cool Guy Bob Surlaw Demo Version 1.3 released. (Minor update)
  • 12/7/12 - Cool Guy Bob Surlaw Demo Version 1.2 released. (Bugfix)
  • 11/30/12 - Cool Guy Bob Surlaw Demo Version 1 released.
  • 11/15/12 - HamsterSpeak Magazine officially retired.
  • 4/16/12 - Released a bugfixed version of Walthros where a certain song caused slowdown/crashes on some operating systems.
  • 3/5/12 - Bob Surlaw's Words of Mouth - Game and movie reviews along with occasional game development journals.
  • 12/27/11 - Bufanda: A Tale of Three Ghosts is released.

Super Walrus Wiki

  • Super Walrus Games Download links, information, and more.
  • OHRRPGCE The engine used for making these games.
  • Places The worlds of the Super Walrus Games.
  • Characters The horrible monsters that inhabit these worlds.

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