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First Game Appearance Who Killed Dinosaur Giant?

A planet located in a star system not far from Walthros. This world is known for its food industry, which exports vast quantities of food to numerous other systems. On this world, hamburger trees are common, milkshake rivers flow freely, and french fries grow like weeds wherever you go.

This world is generally hostile to outsiders, in spite of its strong economic ties to other planets. The current president, Ronald, is notorious for his shrewd business decisions and harsh system of justice. His tax code is considered generally abusive towards the lower class, and he has begun imprisoning Fryguys that refuse to give up their hedonistic lifestyle. Ronald's main rival for power is the crimelord Grimace.

Dinosaur Giant visits this world while vacationing in Who Killed Dinosaur Giant?. His disappearance is investigated by Salom Lancoven. When the events of this game begin, Ronald has taken a vacation in order to take some time off from recent controversies.


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