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Monster Lot
Genre Movie
Release Date June 2011
Status Complete
Mobile Android (Free)
Windows (ZIP) .ZIP

Monster Lot is now available on Youtube for viewers who don't want to download the files.


Roland Gillman is having a bad year. Employees at his auto shop keep dying, sales aren't what they used to be, and now he's being sued! Enter Fred, a Martian come to Earth to fulfill every kid's dream; becoming a sleazy car salesman. Can Fred turn things around for Gillman Motors?

Featuring a cast of monsters ranging from a suave ghost to an absentminded blobman to a smug little piggie, Monster Lot is a movie made using the OHRRPGCE engine for the 2011 OHR Film Festival Contest. Download the ZIP file below and run MonsterLot.exe to watch!


Monster Lot is a collaboration between Paul Harrington and Matt "RMZ" Edson of Red Triangle Games. Characters were voiced by both contributors, with writing by Paul Harrington, graphics and scripting by Matt Edson, and overall story as a collaboration.


Review by Gizmog (Slime Salad)

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