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First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Rodentian Mouse
Type Hero



Rice first appeared in the Squish Mice comics in 1992/1993. Her original name was Ice Cream; the name Rice was not used until the original Walthros game. In the 1996 reboot, she is a wandering warrior who joins the Squish Mice after seeing them defeat Willie the Worm.


Dinosaur Giant and Dinosaur Super encounter Rice on Mt. Permafrost as they search for a way to enter the Silver Shrine. They meet her as she searches for an ancient weapon which is later revealed to be the Crisis Sword. She is an expert with swords, and can use a powerful counter-attack skill in battle. She finds Giant's simple nature fascinating and Super's bombastic personality off-putting, and only agrees to help them open Silver Shrine after they help her locate the Crisis Sword.


  • Like all members of the Squish Mice, Rice's appearance is based on a stuffed animal.


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