Salom Lancoven

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Salom Lancoven


First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Walthrosian Seal
Type Hero

A Walthrosian Seal with a tough personality that won't take guff from anyone, but who also has a strong sense of justice.



In both the 1992 and 1996 Sky Flyers comics, Salom appears as Bob Surlaw's best friend and closest ally. He plays the straight-man to Surlaw's goofiness in the original comics, and often has to rescue Bob and Gulob Spiral from dangerous situations. His wings are a natural characteristic of his species from the 1996 comics forward, but in his original appearances, Salom is a normal seal who finds a pair of magical wings and gives himself the name Flyer. He is the glue that holds the Sky Flyers together.


Salom works as an agent of Ciadna City's intelligence bureau and arrives at Bob's house early in the game, after Bob's initial experience at Blue Shrine. He remains a loyal ally throughout the game, but doesn't really have a strong personality, especially compared to more bombastic characters such as Dinosaur Triple and Super Walrus Man.

Salom uses a spear in combat which he can channel elemental magic through. He can also use his wings to fly out of harm's way and attack safely from above the battlefield. New elemental attacks for Salom's spears must be purchased or found, rather than earned by gaining levels.

Walthrus: Return of the Crystals

Walthrus introduces a grumpier Salom, one with dreams of becoming a hip hop superstar and doesn't care much for Bob's naive pestering. This personality is incongruous with both his comic and Walthros game personalities, and was established in such an extreme manner to make up for his flat personality in previous appearances.

Gato Sucio

Gato Sucio takes Salom's gangsta persona even further, turning him into a violent hoodlum who could turn on his friends for a dollar. Salom is a true 80's guy. Salom's crimes and punishment make up a story arc that runs throughout this game.

Surlaw Armageddon

In Mirror Walthros, Bob encounters a powerful alternate version of Salom that has used the energy of the Blue Crystal to build tools of war. As Mirror Walthros tears itself apart in its war for the Fish Lord crystals, Mirror Salom is one of the few leaders whose nation still stands. He still cares for the well-being of his people, but his closeness with and constant use of the Blue Crystals has begun to warp his mind. This Salom uses beam weaponry and wears a patch over his left eye, which was lost in an unknown battle. His body is heavily scarred.

Who Killed Dinosaur Giant?

This OHR movie brings Salom back to his intelligence gathering roots, but casts him as a private detective who abandoned Ciadna City due to corruption in the bureau after the events of Walthros. After hearing about the disappearance of Dinosaur Giant, he uses the Sky Flyer to leave Walthros and head to his friend's last known location, McDonaldland. Salom has grown bitter over the years and prefers to work alone, turning down help from Dinosaurs Super and Micro. He wears an orange coat and hat in this adventure.

Cool Guy Bob Surlaw

Salom gives Bob Surlaw a ride to and from the hospital when Bob decides to get a nose job. Salom is later kidnapped by Harpoon in an attempt to draw Bob to Harpoon's lair.



This character appears in the following games which were not made by its original designer.

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