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San Francisco
First Game Appearance Village People: The Videogame

A large, densely populated city on the coast of California that appears as the center of the game world in Village People: The Videogame. This city is an important place in Star Trek history, as it is both the home of Starfleet Command and the birth place of Hikaru Sulu. It is also a place known for its disco and strong sense of pride.

The Village People use San Francisco as their headquarters in their videogame, and the song San Francisco, as performed by the actual Village People, is used as its theme music. The city of the game is home to a great variety of people, including Sulu himself, who pilots the submarine that the Village People use on their naval expeditions. An elaborate sewer system runs below the city which is rumored to be full of mutants and a portal to another world. The geography of San Francisco in the game is clearly detached from reality, since leaving the city and heading west will take you to a desert rather than the Pacific Ocean. It is likely that the power of song, in this case Go West, has reshaped Earth's reality as well as leading its people to a more peaceful existence.


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