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First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Walthrosian Fish
Type Hero



Scottie first appears in the 1996 Sky Flyers comics and is the prince of the Tengun Nation (originally called Scottopia). Bob Surlaw meets him at Green Shrine while searching for the five crystals. Scottie is something of a prankster, harassing Bob before finally helping him in his quest. He wears a floppy green hat and can modify his skin color at will using some sort of camouflage ability. Scottie also has a serious side to him, as he searches for an ancient sword with the power to seal away evil. Aside from his regal heritage and rarely used camouflage ability, Scottie isn't very different from Bob in either appearance or personality.


As in the comics, Bob encounters Scottie while searching for the Green Crystal, but the Scottie of this game doesn't have much of a sense of humor. He has lived an isolated life in the capital city, and his only real skill is his swordsmanship. After some hesitation from his father, Tosk, Scottie escorts Bob to Green Shrine. Once inside they are ambushed by Ralz pirates who steal the crystal while Scottie and Bob are distracted by a battle with Slosh.

Scottie helps Bob track down the pirates and retrieve the Green Crystal and remains a permanent ally afterward. With the correct accessories equipped, Scottie is the most powerful physical fighter in the game.

Walthrus: Return of the Crystals

Walthrus plays up the obnoxious trickster personality that Scottie displays when he is first introduced in the comics. In this game, he is a spoiled brat whose parents are desperate to pawn him off on someone who can make him into something better than a basement-dwelling goon.

Surlaw Armageddon

Bob encounters a zombie version of Scottie in the Forest of Resurrection. His manner of speech is most similar to that which he displays in Walthrus: Return of the Crystals.


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