Sky Flyers

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Sky Flyers
First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Various
Type Hero

A heroic team of do-gooders led by Bob Surlaw on a variety of adventures across different games, comics, and more.



Sky Flyers was the name of the original comic in which Bob Surlaw first appeared, drawn in April of 1992. The original Sky Flyers team lineup consisted of Bob, Salom Lancoven, and Gulob Spiral, and their original mission was to bring the gift of color to their black and white world. Their arch enemy was Harpoon, a living weapon with a taste for world domination, or perhaps just the annoyance of superheroes. The team was based out of Scotland in the original series.

In 1996, the Sky Flyers comics were rebooted after becoming poor and overly convoluted. In the new timeline, The Sky Flyer was the name of an egg-shaped ship used by Bob Surlaw to travel across the planet Walthros, where the comics were now set. The core group of heroes was once again Bob, Salom, and Gulob, though Scottie would join the crew in its first story arc. The premise of this new series was that a set of five crystals was gaining energy for one reason or another and threatening the stability of the planet. Surlaw and friends sought out the crystals at the request of the Blue Spirit.


The plot of the first Walthros game would follow the plot of the 1996 comics fairly closely while introducing new heroes, villains, and stars of other comics, such as Dinosaur Triple, Super Walrus Man, and the Squish Mice.

The name "Sky Flyers" isn't used formally in the game by Bob to refer to his crew, and instead appears as the name of the ship he finds and the name of a group of villains in the alternate reality Dead Walthros. The base that Bob and company end up operating out of about half way through the main story was used by his distant ancestor, who built the vessel Sky Flyer and used the name for his comrades. As they fill the roles of the original Sky Flyers, the heroes of this game can still be referred to as such.


The following is a list of characters who worked with Bob from Sky Flyers Headquarters during the events of Walthros:


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