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First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Slime
Type Villain



Slosh is a poisonous swamp monster that is based partially on Spider-Man's nemesis Venom. He fights using his flesh, which can transform into tentacles and other shapes at will. The Sky Flyers battle Slosh for three issues before he is defeated with help from Benson, who uses sonar waves to disrupt his cohesion. Slosh can, for some reason, command dinosaurs.


Slosh appears as a boss in Walthros, but does not play a role in the game's story. He is a monster used by Ralz pirates to distract Bob Surlaw and company during a conflict in Green Shrine.

Gato Sucio: The Quest for Color

The second episode of Gato Sucio is titled The Pungent Curse of Slosh, and focuses on Bob Surlaw and friends hunting down the monster in his own swampy territory in a quest for reward money. The Slosh that appears in this game is angsty and miserable.


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