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First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Machine
Type Hero

An artificial lifeform built by the people living in the colony on the moon that orbits Walthros. Sombra was formed in the image of a cat and developed a strong sense of loyalty and bravery.


Originally known as Dark Blade, Sombra was a cold-hearted monster before meeting Bob Surlaw and the rest of the Sky Flyers. Sombra was drawn into a battle that the Sky Flyers were engaged in, and through this learned the power of teamwork. He would continue to struggle between his violent impulses and desire to be a hero. Eventually Sombra would form a crime fighting team with Lux and Donatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His stories were considerably poorer than the typical Sky Flyers comics.


Sombra, along with Guinea Cow, observes Bob and friends during the events of Walthros. After Bob's body and mind are damaged from encountering the Blue Spirit in Gold Shrine, Sombra rescues him and brings him to a small house on the moon that orbits Walthros which was once part of a lunar colony.

The sword Sombra uses in this game is called the Dark Blade, in reference to the name he went by in the original comics. It is given to him by the Guinea Cow, who breaks his mission of non-interference to save Sombra's life from Lux's rampage.

The Sombra that appears in Walthros exhibits none of the violent nature that his comic equivalent possessed. Instead, these traits were passed on to Lux.


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