Squish Mice

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Squish Mice
First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Rodentian Mice
Type Heroes



The Squish Mice are a team of five mice of various colors that were the titular heroes of comics originally drawn in 1992 and 1993. Led by Ketchup, these mice fought against deadly foes such as Bojo and Willie the Worm and often threw food at their enemies. They traveled in a box-shaped airship.

In a 1996 reboot of the series, the setting of the comic was moved to the Rodentia Continent of Walthros. The story involves Ketchup fighting various monsters and recruiting other Rodentian Mice to eventually lead a rebellion in Red City, whose ruler, Whalington, has been possessed by a dangerous energy entity.


The name Squish Mice is not used in Walthros, and the connection between the five mice is looser. Years ago, five mice, one from each tribe of Rodentian Mice, came together and created a magical barrier around Silver Shrine to prevent outsiders from abusing the power of its crystal. By the time Walthros begins, the five tribes have drifted apart, forcing Bob Surlaw and company to endure a series of long trials to find and reunite the mice that formed the barrier so that it can be lowered.


  • The Squish Mice's appearances, as well as those of their primary foes, are based on a group of stuffed animals.




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