Stinkmace! The Legend of Dinosaur Triple

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Chapter 4


Genre Puzzle
Release Date December 2006
Status Demo
Download Windows .ZIP



This game explains the origins of Dinosaur Triple, the goofy team of dinosaur superheroes from Walthros, and their ongoing rivalry with Dr. Mu. The tone is sillier than that of Walthros, but not as full on ridiculous as that of Walthrus: Return of the Crystals.


Stinkmace was designed to be a series of quick minigames involving Dinosaurs Giant, Super, and Micro. Graphics were drawn in an 8-bit style, with three colors per character. Progress on this game stalled, and only the introductory stages were finished.


After the game's musical introduction, the player is treated to a speech by Dinosaur Super, boasting about his team's spectacular nature. After this, the game flashes back to a time before Super, Giant, and Micro were super, gigantic, and microscopic, as they search for a quick snack. The player controls the dinosaurs as they chase down wandering apples. After filling their bellies, the dinosaurs are captured and brought to Dr. Mu's laboratory, and must endure a series of simple puzzles to escape.


  • The game begins with a storybook reenactment of Jethro Tull's The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles. Sonic the Hedgeghog's Dr. Robotnik appears in this sequence as The Optician.

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