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Super Walrus House


Genre Movie
Release Date April 2008
Status N/A
Download Windows .ZIP


The producers of the annual Super Walrus House television show have chosen the cast of Walthros to star in the 2008 season of the show. This year's cast includes Bob Surlaw, Salom Lancoven, Scottie, Woo, Dinosaur Giant, Dr. Mu, Yuk Deluxe and Super Walrus Man, and the host is the lovable Zoidberg! How will these thugs and monsters endure each other's presence long enough to see who wins the BIG MONEY?


Super Walrus House was made for Fenrir-Lunaris's 2008 Terrible Games Contest. The contest objective was to create a game that copied another author's style. Super Walrus House is an OHR movie modeled after JSH's OHR House series. It was made in a day.

Originally, this long cutscene was going to be included in Surlaw Armageddon, hence Bob's references to Lanni and Duke. The story of Armageddon has shifted and been rewritten enough times that this scene's inclusion no longer works, and it is now available only as a standalone file. The movie has no real ending because it was intended to lead into further events in Armageddon.

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