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Super Walrus Man


First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Walrus
Type Hero

A walrus with a short fuse, magical powers, and a very high opinion of himself. This creature is a powerful ally, but may turn on you at the drop of a hat. His real name unknown, this walrus goes by the name of Super Walrus Man, in spite of being nowhere near humanoid. Given that other walruses we meet have simple names like Earl, his true name is likely boring.



Walrus Man first appears in a one-shot comic from 1993, 'The Incredible Walrus Man'. In this comic, an unnamed mad scientist has captured various animals and runs them through experiments. A blast of energy bestows magical skills and a great singing voice upon a helpless walrus, who then uses his new-found powers to escape.

The follow up to this comic features another origin story, in which a human boy finds magical tusks that slowly erode his brain and transform him into a walrus.


Bob Surlaw first encounters Walrus Man in Red Shrine and teams up with him to defeat the Red Spirit. Shortly after, they encounter Dr. Mu, who explains that he created Walrus Man through genetic experimentation, one of the few explicit connections between this game and the 1992 line of Sky Flyers related comics. This revelation causes Walrus Man to fall into a depressed funk, which he is later brought partially out of by Woo. Walrus Man is likely manic depressive.

Super Walrus Man is this game's primary elemental magic user. He fights using his tusks and can equip fancy new caps on them to boost his strength.

Walthrus: Return of the Crystals

The Walrus Man introduced in this game would prove far more popular than his original incarnation. The new Walrus Man was out for blood, and was possibly a vampire. He speaks in all capital letters, threatens everyone, and ultimately ends up killing a few of the heroes of the original Walthros game. Walthrus Walrus Man revels in his violence, and is the most terrifying force on the planet. He sometimes suffers from indigestion.

Super Walrus Chef

Walrus Man's first starring role, Super Walrus Chef features our hero in desperate need of money after getting into some bad business with the mob. His personality follows that of Walthrus, though slightly toned down to fit the more realistic (relatively speaking) world. In order to regain his fame and fortune, Walrus Man turns to his grandfather, Earl, who in turn convinces him to take part in a cooking tournament. Earl provides a run-down shack for Walrus Man to live in, but the player can furnish this area with gold walls, big screen TVs, and other sorts of bling as the game progresses.

Surlaw Armageddon

In Mirror Walthros, Bob Surlaw encounters robotic walruses used by Brot to terrorize local cities. These robots appear to be based on the powers and appearance of Super Walrus Man, whose fate in this alternate universe is unknown. The concept is based on The Dark Tower: Wolves of the Calla's Doombots.



This character appears in the following games which were not made by its original designer.

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