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First Game Appearance Surlaw Armageddon
Species Goose
Type Hero

A goose whose world was destroyed prior to the events of Surlaw Armageddon. Like Lanni, her world was used as a bed of experiment for alien invaders. Suwanee followed these invaders through a dimensional rift that brought her to Mirror Walthros. After spending some time wandering in search of the creatures who ruined her world, Suwanee ends up in the coastal town of Bayswater, where she meets Bob Surlaw and Lanni. Together, the three of them fight off Brot's forces and save the town from complete ruin, though it certainly takes a beating. Seeing a common goal between herself and her new allies, Suwanee agrees to lend Bob a hand in his quest. She fights using a bow and can use magic that affects a character's status.


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