Totally... Gihern!

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Totally... Gihern!


Genre Joke
Release Date July 2003
Status Complete
Download Windows .ZIP



Totally Gihern was released for the 2003 OHR 48 Hour Contest. The game was released shortly before the deadline hit, and was only worked on for one day.


Three men dressed as their favorite fictional characters intercept a strange message on the internet, leading them on a rampage through a warehouse full of costumed characters. Battles are fought in standard Japanese RPG style as the player guides Grimace, Gandalf, and Mr. Spock to their ultimate destiny.


  • The reason for Grimace's garbled speech is the fact that the man inside the Grimace suit can barely speak through his costume.
  • The player can collect a series of emblems throughout the game which modify the grade received after defeating the final boss. The emblems are icons representing Kaiju Big Battel's Dino Kang Jr.
  • The reward for finding all of the emblems was a link to download a demo version of Walthros Mercenaries. The link is now defunct.


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