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Genre RPG
Release Date September 2004
Status Complete
Manual (Walkthrough) .TXT
Mobile Android (Free)
Windows (Installer) .EXE
Windows (ZIP) .ZIP
Mac OS X .GZ
Linux .DEB



Walthros is an alien planet inhabited by lifeforms that resemble animals from Earth. At some distant point in the planet's history, there was a great conflict that ended when a legendary hero unleashed a power that destroyed most of the known world. Thousands of years later, life has largely recovered. Unfortunately, old conflicts have been reborn, and war continues to rage.

Players take the role of Bob Surlaw, a Walthrosian Fish who makes a living as an explorer of ancient ruins. His journey begins when he leaves his home one morning to explore a nearby shrine that has long been sealed. Inside, he finds an angry spirit and a piece of an ancient relic.


Walthros is the first OHRRPGCE game designed by Paul Harrington. It is based upon a comic that he wrote and illustrated for his own amusement and the amusement of schoolmates from 1992 to 1998. The comic was called Sky Flyers, a name that is reused in Walthros for the name of Bob Surlaw's flying vessel. Sky Flyers was also the original name for the game that Walthros would become, but in its earliest stages it was a very different product, focusing more on slap-stick humor than an epic storyline. The first demo of Walthros was released in 2000 and received a warm response. The game would not be completed until 2002, and further bug-fixes and minor edits would continue sporadically over the next few years.

Primary Characters

  • Bob Surlaw - A Walthrosian Fish with an interest in ancient artifacts. He is the central character of this game and is in your party the majority of time.
  • Salom Lancoven - A Walthrosian Seal working for an intelligence department in Ciadna City. He is an old friend of Bob's and is the first to join his quest.
  • Dr. Pescado - A scientist in Beta City who takes great interest in what Bob finds at Blue Shrine. His information is crucial to beginning the quest.
  • Super Walrus Man - A magic using walrus with a massive ego. He would later star in Super Walrus Chef: War of the Food.
  • Dinosaur Triple - A team of heroic dinosaurs who protect a small island. The leader, Dinosaur Super, specializes in offensive magic. The largest, Dinosaur Giant, relies on brute strength. The smallest member, Dinosaur Micro, mostly works as the team's medic. They also star in Stinkmace! The Legend of Dinosaur Triple.


  • There are lots of minor references to rock music and video games throughout Walthros. The most blatant is Club Walrus, an area of the game filled with walruses who speak in Beatles quotes.
  • The character design for Bob Surlaw has gone through many mutations throughout the years. In the comics, he was long and sleek, very closely resembling a normal fish. Around 1996, he began to resemble the more blob-like shape that he has today. When work on the game version of Walthros first began, Bob had legs and a spacesuit, and more closely resembled Return of the Jedi's Admiral Ackbar.
  • The original Sky Flyers comics were set on Earth rather than planet Walthros. The story centered around Bob and friends trying to find color to add to their black and white world, a story that would be revisited in the game Gato Sucio: The Quest for Color. The story and characters were rebooted in 1996, moving the setting to Walthros and introducing a plot similar to that of the Walthros game.


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